Monday, March 31, 2008


Tonight I ate pizza sitting on my bathroom floor while Moses splashed in the bathtub.

In my defense, I've been trying to clean out the fridge before we leave in a couple of days, and since Moses is teething and up a lot at night, my brain was too tired to come up with a concoction using pineapple, refried beans, and yogurt. To my credit, I didn't feed any pizza to Moses, and I did add frozen green peppers from my garden to it before I cooked it.

Since he started on solids at about six months, I've been very conscience of how and what we eat. Particularly the "how." When I feed Moses, I try to not do anything else. No checking email, reading, etc. I want to set in motion good habits now. I must admit that as cute as he is, sometimes it's really hard not to do anything else. When Henry has night class, the conversation is somewhat lacking. Tonight, Moses was ready for bed at the same time as the pizza. Since he hasn't been sleeping very well, I wanted to get him in bed as soon as I could. I also didn't want to eat cold pizza. And so, I sat on the bathroom floor.

The "what" we eat is a bit better. (Granted, we were at a Slow Food Toronto event this weekend promoting our beef, and I probably would have been beaten over the head with an outdoor-oven baked baguette if they knew I ate frozen pizza). My freezer and my slow cooker are probably my two favorite appliances these days. I love that I have green peppers, tomatoes, and swiss chard from my garden stashed in the freezer. (I've eaten all the frozen strawberries). Now that I have a freezer full of beef, I am a lot more experimental in my cooking. I'll pull out a roast, look up recipe ideas on the internet, and try it out. It's much easier to decide on dinner when there is a lot of good food in the house, but sometimes a greasy pizza just hits the spot, even if it does come with a hefty dose of guilt and heartburn.

Now it's your turn; we just launched our freezer beef web site:, and I want to post some good beef recipes on there for our customers. What is your favorite recipe? Post it here, and I'll try them out and post them (with credit to you) on our web site!

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