Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayers needed

I feel nauseous about this. A friend of mine from high school is in the hospital with her son, Ike(asaurus). He was born 13 weeks early after Kari had been on bedrest for months. They FINALLY got to bring him home. He is now back in the hospital, seriously ill, and intubated. She tells the whole story here:

I have taken that ride on the hospital bed. I have been kicked out of the room while my baby was being intubated. There are no words to describe how awful it is. He is having a bronchoscopy tomorrow morning, and I really want you all to pray for Ike, for Kari, and for her husband and two older kids.

She seems to have a supportive community about her, and I think that's HUGE. Her friends have set up a web site for the family here. I'm glad they can care for her so she can care for Ike.

(To top it all off, her husband lost his job about a week ago - there go the benefits. I am so thankful for national healthcare in Canada, and no matter what the problems with it are, I can't imagine having to worry about costs while caring for your sick child. I think it is inhumane that anyone might be denied or avoid medical treatment because they cannot pay for it).

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