Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food Finally!

I was going to write "it's been a crazy month" when I realized that it's always a crazy month. Alas! Such is life. We just got back from visiting my sister and my sweet nephews in Houston. Also in attendance were my parents, my brother, brother-in-law and my newly-pregnant sister-in-law!! It was too short a trip, and I wish I could have spent a month with them.

The week before that Russet House Farm along with cino hosted Practicing Resurrection. It was a great conference, but as always organizing these kinds of things takes lots of time and energy. Thankfully, that energy was fed back to us by some great presenters.

The main reason I'm throwing this post up quickly is to tell you that I finally got the recipe section done on our web site. Check it out! (Also if you happen to know how to make my grass/feather picture centered on all computer screens, let me know! Arrgghh)

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the sits girls said...

Congrats on getting your recipe site up and going!