Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Smelling the roses

Henry and I went for a bike ride with Moses in the trailer tonight, and I was reminded why I love living here. We saw Canada geese crossing the road ahead of us. I nearly impaled myself by stopping to quickly when I saw a beaver swimming in the creek. We could hear spring peepers and bullfrogs. We could taste gnats and mosquitoes.

Okay, so the last one isn't really high on my list of favourites.

I find that far too often Henry and I get too busy to actually enjoy living in the country. We bought a secondhand canoe last year, which we've wanted for years. Sadly, we really only took it out twice. There are three lakes within a five minute drive of our house. We should be canoeing every day or at least once a week. I don't know how to make more time to enjoy our landscape. There are so many pressures of work and farming and childcare. We try though, and sometimes we're successful.

A few weeks ago when we had some of our first gorgeous spring weather, we went on a whim to Algonquin Park. A few metres into the park, we saw a moose. We hiked a small boardwalk trail and then went to the visitors' centre. It was better than I imagined. There were animals on display and tons of other exhibits. For days afterwards, Moses said, "See moose? See wolf?"

I stink at keeping promises that I make to myself, but I'll still vow to get out and enjoy the creation around me on a regular basis.

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Halverson's said...

Hey - just thought I would de-lurk (un-lurk, whatever) and say I agree about the keeping promises to myself (like going canoeing, etc) is difficult - it just seems like life gets in the way of life! It was my plan to have been out on the Upper Iowa at least once by now but it just plain old hasn't happened! Here's to even more canoeing in 09 than 08!!
**found your blog from "hair thursday" a long time ago and recognized a fellow Dordt Alum (i didn't graduate so I'm not sure I am considered Alum or what) - but anyway - it's fun to hear about your farm and son!